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This is official website of White label Platforms developed by Beeders

Beeders Blockchain Framework

Blockchain added special agenda of innovation and the future of Financial Services on Internet.

Blockchain will transform each financial service and business over Internet.

In this Marketplace you can buy our Blockchain Platforms

Beeders offers a Full Platform including Exchange , Digital Asset Tokenization,  Payments Decentralized Exchange, DeFi, Proof of Stake, Digital Wallet, Custom Features and more.

You can get started today(*all rent prices are in US Dollar)

Top our customers questions before rent our platforms:

1 – How can I monetize my white label platforms?

You can earn admin fee each transaction executed by your customers using the platforms.

Each customer can make several types of transactions:

– buy, sell tokens or cryptos at CEX, DEX or Wallet
– trade tokens in a DEX order book
– add token pair to the pool
– add token in staking
– add token pair in farming

2 – What is the best way to advertise our white label platforms and bring more clients?

The Beeders focus are in software development and platform infrastructure only, but we see some customers actions like:

1 – create a marketing website or landing page optimized to SEO and SEM
2 – promote a social media marketing: twitter, facebook, instagram, telegram etc
3 – hire a specialized media advertising: coingecko, coinmarketcap, cointelegraph, coinzilla etc

3 – What will be the domain name for service? Are we register the domain name? How does it work?

We will install the platforms in subdomains at your actual or new domain (whatever).
example: https://swap.yourdomain.com

There are redirections each subdomain to our protected platform environment. Your customers do not see Beeders anywhere, only your domain and subdomains names.

We’ll send you a complete implementation checklist after your order is completed.

4 – What is standard admin fee on platforms. I need to pay 1% of our admin fee each month?

Yes, only 1% over your admin fee earned.
For example, at the end of each month you collected 10K USD, you will pay 100 USD for Beeders. We use this to scale our infrastructure.

Note: We don’t collect directly. You will pay us by invoice.
We don’t have access to your funds, you’ll receive all of them at your wallet (ETH for example)

5 – Can Beeders show us the customers already implemented?

We don’t talk or show about our customers for information security reasons and non-disclosure agreements.

We can offer you some ways for you to know and be sure of the product before hiring such as platforms demo access and remote live demonstration meetings.

6 – How long my white label platforms get some traction?

Historically between 3 to 6 months after the implementation is done.

But this is not a recommendation from Beeders, a guarantee of return or a formula that can be applied to every type of business and management team.
Our customers are directly responsible for the operation and success of their business.

7 – What’s the average time to get a break even?

We saw some customers got break-even after 6 – 9 months (depending on how much you invested in marketing advertising and operation).

Again, like the previous item, it is not a recommendation or guarantee. We are just reporting something based on our customers’ observation.

8 – Related to user interface (UI and UX), which level customisation we can expect?

By default we can change colors, product name/label and logo, but we can show you different skins and charge some custom hours for this. But we don’t create landing pages or marketing web sites. For this is better you hire a webdesigner.

Our platforms are transactionals and some developments (UX frameworks) are not secure to put on. We prefer to show you some skins by our experience.

9 – Related to upgrades and eventual new modules you finish development, can we get integration included in the standard rent price you charge?

Yes, for example, DEX PRO we added SWAP and POOL this year 2021.

We see around some great developments like 1inch, uniswap, pancakeswap, etc, we develop them internally and add to existing products or, if the new feature is completely new, we create another product.

We also keep developing SaaS White Label Platforms for several industries

Since 2013 we developed software for innovation, financial services, e-commerce and numerous of custom developments.

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