$1,500.00 $375.00 / month and a $375.00 sign-up fee

Price and Garantee

*7 Days Money Back Guarantee

– Subscription (SaaS) mode only by checkout on this official website.
– The first payment is upfront to set up and recurring monthly charges until cancel.
– Checkout this product paying with Paypal.
USD 375/monthly + 1% over monthly total amount of transactions admin fee.
– Monthly guarantee during the subscription activation.

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user: admin
pass: N2vVnN9F9CzxS#hETlLp


DEX – Decentralized Exchange Quick Start Version

Terms for contracting and use:

  1. Decentralized Exchange with no risk for user custody wallets.
  2. Web/Browser based. Best experience on Desktop.
  3. Integrated with Metamask.
  4. Cryptocurrencies: Unlimited ETH Tokens ERC20
  5. No FIAT money supported.
  6. Order book trading mode.
  7. We set up your admin Ethereum wallet to get transaction fees. No admin panel.
  8. White Label community forum and knowledge base.
  9. After you conclude all Checklist forms items, your DEX {QUICK START VERSION} will be available for up to 15 business days.