Liquidity Pool and AMM

Liquidity Pool and AMM SaaS White Label


Liquidity Pool and AMM – Automated Marketing Making – SaaS White Label

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Make your own profit business model with our offer world class technology.

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Liquidity Pool and AMM – Automated Marketing Making – SaaS White Label Features Included:

  • Uniswap clone.
      • Same liquidity pool / swap of uniswap.
      • Brand, logo and colors changes.
      • Clone of Uniswap contract.
  • Create your own governance smart contract token ERC.
  • Create your own liquidity pool provider for automated marketing making.
  • Add-on the Swap at DEX front-end.
      • Reserved area for Liquidity Pool in DEX Exchange.
      • Independent executions for DEX and Liquidity Provider/Pool.
  • Administrator add-on parameters. 
      • Administration fee for usage.
      • Enable/Disable free usage.
  • It does not allow FIAT, only crypto / crypto exchange.
      • Crypto asset listing based on Uniswap list.

As a White labeled software as a service you can:

  • Install and use for your own company or project purposes.
  • Reselling directly to your customers.
  • Buy, setup and use how many instances do you want.

After your checkout payment confirmed, we will run out these steps:

  1. We’ll send you our setting up check-list (Google Forms).
  2. After your check-list are done, our timeline to delivery is around 60 days and you will able to start your tests (Testnet and Livenet).
  3. We’ll support you in entire onboarding process by e-mail (please inform your best e-mail address during checkout).

*payments begin at the start of setup and monthly until canceled
(+) $0.01 for each transaction.

** Free trial period available, but limited to a certain number of new customers